AUDIO: Heat is tough on crops, livestock

AUDIO: Heat is tough on crops, livestock Click to Enlarge Photo:

Aug 26, 2013 at 9:01 am

ST. CLOUD, Minn. (KNSI) This week's hot weather will take a further toll on area crops already stressed by a hot, dry summer.

University of Minnesota extension educator Dan Martens in Foley says some producers have already started chopping their corn crop for silage.

Martens says corn likes hot weather, but when it's this hot, "it isn't doing much filling." Martens says it doesn't help the soybean crop mature either. He says on non-irrigated land, the hay crop is not growing and pasture growth has slowed way down. In his words, "everything slows down. It's just not productive."

He says the hot weather is not only stressful for farm fields, but also the people working in them.

He says you need to stay well hydrated, catch some periodic shade, take some breaks, use sun screen, and, "just recognize when we're getting worn out." He says livestock producers need to keep as much air movement going in barns as they can, and make sure their cattle get plenty of cool, fresh water. 

Martens says all of this heat is tough on the area corn crop

Martens says some producers are already chopping corn for silage

Martens says other crop stresses will begin appearing with this hot spell

Martens says the heat is tough on crops, and people too

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