Bachman Blasts High Court Ruling, Calls for Voter Action

Bachman Blasts High Court Ruling, Calls for Voter Action Click to Enlarge Photo:

Jun 29, 2012 at 8:35 am

ST. CLOUD, MN (KNSI) - She been one of the leading voices in the nation for the repeal of ObamaCare, so it's no surprise yesterday's Supreme Court decision upholding the law is not going over well with St. Cloud congresswoman Michele Bachmann. 

"I absolutely violently disagree that it is constitutional for congress to force people to purchase a product or service against their will," Bachmann said on KNSI's Ox in the Afternoon. "There is nothing in the Constitution that gives the government that breathtaking level of power."

She says the Court didn't just uphold ObamaCare but by redefining the law as a tax, she says they took an activist role and rewrote it into line with their own design. 

"The Supreme Court re-wrote the way ObamaCare is going to be handled in the United States, clearly the court turned themselves into Congress today," Bachmann said. "So on many levels this is really a disappointing day."

As for the business impact, Bachmann says the increasing health care costs will keep the economy from turning around and she expects the industry to react badly as well.

"You will see a lot of job creators not hire new employees. You'll see a lot of job creators move their companies out of the United States because it is too expensive to do business in this country," Bachmann said. "You'll see millions of job creators drop the health insurance that they offer for their employees today because it is too expensive, they can't do it."

The answer to eventually defeating ObamaCare in Bachmann's mind is still in the hands of the people.

"We will see people rise up, and we will see at the ballot box people will let their will be heard. They have to...this is it," Bachman said. "After this election this will be the law of the land forever and we will never get rid of it. So it is now or never to change the occupant of the White House."

Bachmann is writing a letter with South Carolina Senator Jim Demint urging all fifty state governors and legislatures not to begin putting in place the health care exchanges set up by the law where consumers would comparison shop for health insurance. Instead, she says, opponents should focus on that November election as their best chance to change ObamaCare.

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