Frustration from lawmakers as session continues

Frustration from lawmakers as session continues Click to Enlarge Photo:

May 2, 2012 at 7:47 am

SAINT PAUL, MN (KNSI) - Minnesota lawmakers are getting frustrated over the lack of agreements that will put an end to the 2012 legislative session, and they're beginning to blame each other as to the reasons why.

DFL Representative Larry Hosch of St. Joseph is not surprised the self-imposed deadline for final action has come and gone.

"We are deailing with tax bills that give tax breaks to businesses and corporations while egg properties saw a 12% increase. It picks winners and losers," Hosch said. "We're going home...and we don't know exactly what the roadmap looks like."

When it comes down to it Hosch blames a lack of leadership for the continuing saga. "The governor has made it real clear that we need to have a robust bonding bill. The Vikings stadium is waiting to have a vote, I think the votes are there, but that is being held up due to politics and it's unfortunate."

The session is adjourned until Thursday, with the bonding bill and Vikings stadium bill requiring votes in the House and Senate.

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