Graves, Bachmann Opponent, Calls for Protocol

Graves, Bachmann Opponent, Calls for Protocol Click to Enlarge Photo:

Jul 25, 2012 at 9:16 am

ST. CLOUD, MN (KNSI) – Another voice has joined the firestorm of criticism over St. Cloud congresswoman Michele Bachmann's letters to five agencies calling for investigations on the possible infiltration of federal agencies by Muslim extremists.

The latest voice belongs to Bachmann's opponent for the 6th District congressional seat, democrat Jim Graves.

"Representative Bachmann, come back. We think this is the wrong way to do it, this isn't the right thing to be saying to the people," Graves said Tuesday on KNSI's Ox in the Afternoon.

What he sees as a lack of respect for proper channels and the following of protocol are the biggest issues Graves has with Bachmann's statements to the public.

"There are proper channels to follow here, we don't go to the public press we don't make this into a publicity thing," Graves said. "Let's keep it in house let's follow the proper protocol, lets deal with it seriously and lets follow, again, the proper channels."

Graves, the Democrat, said the negative reaction to the statements of the Republican congresswoman is seemingly non-partisan.

"Seems like the republican leadership is abandoning Representative Bachmann's approach on this, and I totally agree with them. I don't think this is the right way we should do it," Graves said. "We don't want to make this into a publicity stunt. We don't want to make this into a thing where everyone on the street is going to start worrying in fear."

Feather ruffling comments are nothing new when it comes to Bachmann. Graves said these incidents are why he is running for the 6th District seat in the first place.

"I follow the program; I believe in the system; I believe in protocol. That's where I think there is a real breach here," Graves said. "That is why am running. I think the 6th district needs someone who can bring people together and do these things right, and that is my biggest issue with Michele Bachmann."

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