Letter Carriers Unnerved by House Bill

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Jul 23, 2012 at 8:50 am

MINNEAPOLIS (KNSI) - The National Association of Letter Carriers says a bill awaiting a vote in the US House would all but guarantee a future collapse of the Postal Service.

House Resolution 2309 is another step in what has been a slide for the struggling US Postal Service as officials bandy about ways to make cuts to the agency. But for those who make the service go, like association Branch 9 president Mike Zagaros, this bill goes much too far.

"In essence it will destroy the postal service," Zagaros said. "It would change delivery standards, close processing plants and post offices, and change the very operation of the postal service."

According to Zagaros the e legislation would end door-to-door mailbox service for 90 percent of American homes, eliminate Saturday delivery altogether and result in massive delays through downsizing.

Perhaps the largest impact of the changes could be felt by small businesses across the country. Zagaros says the bill calls for 9-of-10 homes and businesses would be forced to use a cluster box system for their mail instead of traditional door to door delivery.

"Businesses want to get mail delivered on Saturday," Zagaros said. "HR 2309 would not only eliminate Saturday delivery, it would eliminate door to door delivery for millions of people."

While the letter carriers like Zagaros are well aware of the budget issues facing the postal service, he says the bill does nothing to fix the largest budget issue; the 75-year obligation to pay for retiree health benefits.

"That is why the postal service has lost over 90 percent of the money that they have lost," Zagaros said. "This is a requirement that no other company, no other government agency has to do. They're asking people to pay right now out of revenue for people that have not even been born yet."

Zagaros says that fund already has some 45-billion dollars, and making the Postal Service continue to add to the fund just keeps adding to its debt.

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