Sartell's Perske Considering Run in 6th District

Sartell's Perske Considering Run in 6th District Click to Enlarge Photo:

Jun 12, 2013 at 2:14 pm

SARTELL, Minn. (KNSI) - As more candidates are declaring their intentions to run for the 6th district congressional seat, there's a possibility the name Joe Perske might be added to that list.

Perske announced on Wednesday that he is considering running as a DFL candidate for the seat currently held by the GOP's Michele Bachmann. 

The current mayor of Sartell describes himself as politically moderate, and tells KNSI news that he's tired of "political extremes" on both sides of the aisle. 

"Often times, we have people who polarize us politically, and we can't solve the problems," Perske says. "It happens at the state  and national levels, and we have to come to the middle if we want to solve some of these issues."

Perske says the idea to jump into the race came about in part due to conversations he's had with former candidate Jim Graves, who suggested, with a moderate financial stance and commitment to community involvement, he might be a good fit for the office.

"I won't be bashful about it - Jim [Graves] did approach me about it after he decided to bow out of the race," Perske says. "He and I had a few conversations. He has a message in the middle, wanting to resolve some things in Washington, and we connected over those common sense approaches to solving problems. 

Perske says, while he has devoted himself to politics at the community level for quite some time, he hasn't made a concrete decision yet because he knows being the 6th district rep would mean major life changes for himself and his family.

He adds, he would have to begin learning about political campaigning at a level above community.

"I've been mayor for three years, and a member of the council for six, but I've never had letters behind my name," Perske says. "I would be stepping forward, considering myself as a Democrat, and I know a considerable amount of politicking and fundraising goes along with that, much of which I'm not familiar with."

If he does formally enter the race, Perske would be vying for that ballot slot against Circle Pines environmental activist Judy Adams.

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