End of Season Metro Wrestling Report

Feb 12, 2014 at 2:19 pm

End of Season Metro Wrestling Report





The Spartans closed out their regular dual meet season with a pair of big wins over Central Lakes Conference rivals; Sartell 33-31,  Sauk Rapids 42-34, St. Cloud Apollo 54-16. No details were shared by the teams on the individual results of the above duals. The Spartans had a good tournament performance with 114 points and nine place winners to earn fifth place at the Alexandria "Big Ole" Invitational.


Big Ole Place Winners:

Nick Warne                 First Place       145

Tyler Hoffman             Second Place  285

Adam Kunz                  Second Place  113

Ryan Vigil                    Second Place  195

Dalton Calfas              Third Place     160

Ben Hoffman               Fifth Place      152

Gunnard Fellhage       Fifth Place      120

Cole Steil                    Sixth Place     106

Logan Peterka                        Sixth Place     132


The Spartan hosted a Triangular on Friday the 24th of January; they defeated Section 6AAA rival Wayzata 37-32 to give the Spartans the No. 3 seed in the Section 6AAA Dual Meet campaign. They did drop a dual to Central Lakes Conference and Section 6AAA rival Willmar 40-23.




January  24, 2014


Central Lakes Conference/Section 6AAA

Willmar 40   Rocori 23

106 Cole Steil (ROC) Maj. Dec. Clay Carlson (WIL) 11-2

113 Adam Kunz (RO) Dec. Juan Resendez (WIL) 8-1

120 Logan Walkow (WIL) Dec. Gunner Feldhege (ROC) 7-6

126 Austin Miley (WIL) Fall Zach Swanson (ROC) 1:02

132 Zach Lueders (WIL) Maj. Dec. Logan Peterka (ROC) 13-0

138 Estevan Navarro (WIL) Maj. Dec. Cody Buermann (ROC)  14-6

145 Nick Warne (ROC) Tech. Fall Levi Milhausen (WIL) 5:49

152 Travis Deegan (WIL)  Dec. Ben Hoffman (ROC) 5-3

160 Colton Carlson (WIL) Tech Fall Dalton Calfas (ROC) 4:54

170 Vaughn Johnson (WIL)  Fall Mitchell Schwinghammer (ROC) 3:59

182 Seth Klein (ROC) Tech Fall Kory Welgraven (WIL) 6:00

195 Ryan Vigil (ROC) Fall Jalen Cabrera (WIL) 1:40

220 Matt Hennes (WIL) Fall Seth Miller (ROC) 1:19

285 Leon Richards (WIL) Dec. Tyler Hoffman (ROC) 9-7



Section 6AAA

Rocori 37  Wayzata 32

106 Boyd Mumbuwa (WAY) Dec. Cole Steil (ROC) 10-5

113 Adam Kunz (ROC) Fall Mark Wallerius (WAY) 2:44

120 Gunner Feldhege (ROC) Fall David Couri (WAY) 3:26

126 Delaney Dahl (WAY) Dec. Zach Swanson (ROC) 9-5

132 Aaron Cote (WAY) Fall Jesse Huber (ROC) 1:28

138 Nick O'Brien (WAY) Tech Fall Cody Buermann (ROC) 5:15

145 Nick Warne (ROC) Dec. Evan Kluck (WAY) 6-3

152 Ben Hoffman (ROC) Maj. Dec. Sam Gilseth (WAY)  11-1

160 Andrew Kovach (WAY) Dec. Dalton Calfas (ROC) 6-5

170 Seth Klein (ROC) Fall Patrick McGinty (WAY) :27

182 Collin Sohn (WAY) Fall Mitchell Schwinghammer (ROC) :24

195 Jordan Porteous (WAY) Won by Forfeit

220 Ryan Vigil (ROC) Fall Corrie King (WAY) 3:58

285 Tyler Hoffman (ROC) Fall Bryce Schwab (WAY):33


The Spartans defeated Central Lakes Conference rival Fergus Falls on Thursday January 30th 61-14.



 Rocori 61 Fergus Falls 14

106: Cole Steil (ROC) Fall Seth Lagnbehn (FF) 5:21

113: Max Court (ROC) Won by Forfeit

120: Gunnar Feldhedge (ROC) Won by Forfeit

126: Adam Kunz (ROC) Dec. Nathan Onstad (FF) 5-0

132: Jesse Huber (ROC) Fall Zach Boyd (FF) 3:41

138: Cody Buermann (ROC) Won by Forfeit

145: Nick Warne (ROC) Fall Joe Wedll (FF) 1:09

152: Ben Hoffman (ROC) Fall Jake Antrim (FF) 5:10

160: Dane Ringquist (FF) Maj. Dec. Dalton Calfas (ROC)12-1

170: Mitchell Schwinghamer (ROC) Won by Forfeit

182: Seth Klein (ROC) Maj. Dec. Gus Makovsky (FF) 13-5

195: Abram Aho (FF) Won by Forfeit

220: Nick Weaver (FF) Maj. Dec. Ryan Vigil (R) 19-8

285: Tyler Hoffman (ROC) Fall Taylor Tenner (FF) 2:43


Rocori 42. Sauk Rapids 34

106 Hunter Rajkowski (SR) Cole Steil (ROC) 7-4

113 Tony Bemboom (SR) Dec. Adam Kunz (ROC) 4-3

120 Taylor Rau (SR) Fall Gunner Fledhege (ROC) 3:25

126 Korey Keske (SR) Fall Zach Swanson (ROC) :36

132 David Nelson (SR) Maj. Dec. Logan Peterka (ROC)11-0

138 Jesse Huber (ROC) Fall Brent Lindgren (SR) 1:09

145 Nick Warne (ROC) Won by Forfeit

152 Ben Hoffman (ROC) Andrew Tran (SR) 3:09

160 Justin Rose (ROC) Won by Forfeit

170 Dalton Calfas (ROC) Fall Tristan Emery (SR) 3:16

182 Seth Klein (ROC) Won by Forfeit

195 Blake Keske (SR) Fall Ryan Vigil (ROC) 2:17

220 Dylan Vait (SR) Fall Seth Miller (ROC) 1:26

285 Tyler Hoffman (ROC) Fall Adam Gessell (SR)




The Sabres topped Central Lakes Conference and Section 8AAA rivals St. Cloud Tech 40-26 and St. Cloud Apollo 50-25 and non-conference foe AA Albany 78-0.   No individual results was shared for the Albany dual. The Sabres dropped duals to AA Lean and Mean Becker 46-20 and they dropped a pair of Central Lakes Conference duals to Rocori 33-31 and to Brainerd 46-18; no individual results were shared for the last two duals. The Sabres have earned a No. 5 seed in the very even Section 8AAA dual meet campaign.


St. Cloud Tech 42 Sauk Rapids 32

106 Hunter Rajkowski (SR) Dec. Graham Nistler (SCT) 5-3

113 Tony Bemboom (SR) Dec. Austin Brenner (SCT) 3-2

120 Taylor Rau (SR) Fall Dallas Hooper (SCT) 5:22

126 Korey Keske (SR) Tech. Fall Dallas Hooper (SCT) 4:00

132 David Nelson (SR) Dec. Will Kranz (SCT) 5-0

138 Henry Nistler (SCT) Fall Brent Lindgren (SR) :48

145 Jacob Johnson (SCT) Fall Blake Rychner (SR) 3:12

152 Cole Schreder (SCT) Fall Andrew Tran (SR) :56

160 Alex VanHeel (SCT) Won by Forfeit

170 Tyler Hugg (SCT) Fall Tristan Emery (SR) :58

182 Simon Riedeman-Lenarz (SCT) Won by Fofeit

195 Blake Keske (SR) Fall Micah Mangel (SCT) 1:39

220 Noah Voigt (SCT) Fall Dylan Vait (SR) 5:22

285 Adam Gesell (SR0 Fall James Price (SCT) 2:33



Little Falls 55 Sartell-Saint Stephen 17

106 Rylee Molitor (SAR) Tech. Fall Leo Wilczek (LF) No Time Given

113 Lane Rutten (LF) Won by Forfeit

120 Logan Kapphan (LF) Maj. Dec. Jake Fernholz (SAR) 9-0

126 Josh Beack (LF) Fall Sam Krauel (SAR)  1:35

132 Noah Peichel (SAR) Fall AJ Jenks (LF) 2:33

138 Dan Muschel (LF) Dec. Jon Pelach (SAR) 10-3

145 Justin Jenks (LF) Dec. Zach Motschke (SAR) 4-1

152 Axel Lange (LF) Fall Tyle Hubert (SAR) 1:09

160 Derek McMahan (LF) Dec. Caleb O’Brien (SAR) 6-2

170 Trevin Larson (LF) Fall Jordan Houkos (SAR)  3:51

182 Tyler Gasteki (LF) Fall Creedance McDermond (SAR)  1:04

195 Nick Jensen (SAR) Fall Gage Blechinger (LF) 1:00

220 Mitch Magee (LF) Fall Mitch Zayas(SAR) 2:35

285 Dustin Tabatt (LF) Fall Ryan Zayas (SAR) 1:45


Sartell-Saint Stephen 50 Saint Cloud Apollo 25

106 Rylee Molitor (SAR) Dec. Alex Pachan(SCA) 14-7

113 Ryan Sok (SCA) Won by Forfeit

120 Jake Fernholz (SAR) Tech. Fall Aidan Schlitz (SCA)

126 Brett Kirchner (SCA) Fall Sam Krauel (S) 2:50

132 Noah Peichel (SAR) Fall Sam Hance (SCA) 4:47

138 Jon Pelach (SAR) Fall Brandon Karolus (SCA) 1:45

145 Zach Motschke (SAR) Fall Roba Ibro (SCA) 3:07

152 Tyler Hubert (SAR) Fall Christain Pierce(SCA) 4:59

160 Caleb O’Brien (SAR) Won by Forfeit

170 Jordan Houkos (SAR) Won by Forfeit

182 Nick Graham (SCA) Fall Kaeden Nordin (SAR) 1:34

195 Martin Hanson (SCA) Dec. Creedance McDermond (SAR) 5-1

220 Nick Jensen (SAR) Fall Kevin Cao (SCA) :51

285 Bryce Kirchner (SCA) Maj. Dec. Ryan Zayas (SAR) 14-4





Sartell 40 St. Cloud Tech 26

106 Rylee Molitor (SAR) Maj. Dec. Graham  Nistler (SCT) No Time Given

113 Dallas Hooper (SCT) Won by Forfeit

120 Austin Brenner (SCT) Dec. Jake Fernholz (SAR) 6-3

126 Sam Krauel (SAR) Fall Tucker Brouwer (SCT) 6:35 OT

132 Noah Peichel (SAR) Fall Will Kranz (SCT) :42

138 Jon Pelach (SAR) Won by Forfeit

145 Zach Motschke (SAR) Dec. Jacob Johnson (SCT) 2-0

152 Cole  Schreder (SCT) Dec. Hodari  Johnson (SAR) 6-5

160 Daniel  Vitale (SAR) Won by Forfeit

170 Alex VanHeel (SCT) Dec. Caleb O`Brien,(SAR) 3-2

182 Jordan  Houkous (SAR) Dec. Tyler Hugg (SCT) 5-3

195 Nick Jensen (SAR) Won by Forfeit

220 Noah Voigt (SCT) Tech. Fall Danny Nguyen (SAR) 5:59 

285 James Prince (SCT) Fall Ryan Zayas (SAR)  :31


Becker 34 Sartell 33 – 1st criteria
106 Rylee Molitor (SAR) Fall Josh Lumley (BEC) 2:40
113 Kevin Andres (BEC) Won by Forfeit
120 Jake Fernholz (SAR) Fall Andrew Berglund (BEC) 1:03
126 Sam Krauel (SAR) Dec. Colten Demant (BEC) 5-3
132 Noah Peichel (SAR) Fall Zack Fisher (BEC) 1:28
138 Caleb Vekved (BEC) Dec. Jon Pelach (SAR) 5-4
145 Cody Ferris (BEC) Dec. Zach Motschke (SAR) 3-0
152 Tyler Hubbert (SAR) Fall Jaylin Hildebrandt (BEC) 3:57
160 Daniel Vitale (SAR) Fall Tyler Madsen (BEC) 4:08
170 Zack Zimmer (BEC) Tech. Fall Caleb O’Brien (Sar) 15-0
182 Tyler France (BEC) Dec. Jordan Haukos (SAR) 9-5
195 Bobby Lee (BEC) Maj. Dec. Danny Nguyen (SAR) 14-4
220 Mason Olson (BEC) Dec. Nick Jensen (SAR) 4-1
285 Casey Vesledahl (BEC) Default Ryan Zayas (SAR)



The Tigers topped Central Lakes Conference and Section 8AAA rivals Brainerd 31-30, Sauk Rapids 42-32. They dropped duals to Section 8AAA rivals; Little Falls 34-27, Moorhead 48-19 and Bemidji 48-13.

St. Cloud Tech 31.0 Brainerd 30.0

106 Cole Kubesh (BR) Dec. Graham  Nistler (SCT) 4-0

113 Dallas Hooper (SCT) Maj. Dec. Drew Robinson (BR) 8-0

120 Andy Schlosser (BR) Fall Max Dresow (SCT) :34

126 Austin Brenner (SCT) Dec. Drew Breun (BR) 4-2

132 Will Kranz (SCT) Fall Matt  Schubert (BR) 1:16

138 Doug Fillbrandt (BR) Dec. Henry Nistler (SCT) 10-4

145 Jacob Johnson (SCT) Dec. Jake Zelinski (BR) 4-2

152 Isaiah Stewart (BR) Fall Isaac Wade (SCT) 1:17

160 Cole  Schreder (SCT) Fall Cole DeRoiser (BR) 1:03

170 Alex VanHeel (SCT) Dec. CJ  Wohl (BR) 4-2

182 Tyler Hugg (SCT) Dec. Chris Laber (BR) 9-6

195 Dylan Crandall (BR) Fall Micah Mangel (SCT) 3:08

220 Noah Voigt (SCT) Dec. Sam Adams (BR) 6-0

285 James Weiss (BR) Won by Forfeit



Sauk Centre/Melrose (SC/M) 37 St. Cloud Tech (SCT) 36

106 Graham  Nistler (SCT) Dec. Antonio Ortiz (SC/M) 8-1

113 Jordan Winter (SC/M) Maj. Dec. Luka Rajkic (SCT) 14-0

120 Austin Brenner (SCT) Fall Abel Vazquez (SC/M) 1:18

126 Tucker Brouwer (SCT) Dec. Kolten Kuhlmann (SC/M) 5-1

132 Will Funk (SC/M) Fall Will Kranz (SCT) 1:14

138 Luke Glasener (SC/M) Fall Lucas Grams (SCT) 4:45

145 Jacob Johnson (SCT) Fall Mitch Wolbeck (SC/M) 2:37

152 Cole  Schreder (SCT) Fall Rodrigo Milla (SC/M) 2:42

160 Dalton Reinke (SC/M) Dec. Alex VanHeel (SCT) 4-1

170 Tyler Hugg (SCT) Fall Roberto Raya (SC/M) 1:37

182 Clayton Mensen (SC/M) Fall Simon Riedeman-Lenarz (SCT) 1:00

195 Arturo Stefanoni (SC/M) Won by Forfeit

220 Noah Voigt, Tech (SCT) Fall Jimmy Thomas (SC/M) 2:58

285 Charlie Barhorst (SC/M) Fall James Prince (SCT) 1:19


Little Falls (LF) 34 St. Cloud Tech (SCT) 27

106: Graham  Nistler (SCT) Dec. Leo Wilcek (LF)7-3

113: Austin Brenner (SCT) Maj. dec. Lane Rutten (LF) 12-3

120: Max Dresow (SCT) Fall Jacob Biermaier (LF) 3:12

126: Logan Kapphahn (LF) Dec. Tucker Brouwer (SCT) 9-2

132: Josh Beack (LF) Fall Will Kranz (SCT)

138: Wyatt Lillemoe (LF) Maj. Dec. Joe Klontz (SCT) 11-0

145: Jacob Johnson (SCT) Maj. Dec. Dan Mushel (LF) 10-2

152: Cole  Schreder (SCT) Maj. Dec. Derek McMahan (LF) 14-6

160: Alex VanHeel (SCT) Dec. Austin Olson (LF) 2-0

170: Trevin Larsen (LF) Dec. Tyler Hugg (SCT) 2-1

182: Tyler Gastecki (LF) Fall Simon Riedeman-Lenarz (SCT) 1:14

195: Gage Blechinger (LF) Won by Forfeit

220: Noah Voigt (SCT) Dec. Tyler Ross (LF) 8-3

285: Tom Tabatt (LF) Fall James Prince (SCT) 1:51



Moorhead 48 St. Cloud Tech 19

106 Grant Brendemuhl (MHD) Maj. Dec Graham Nistler (SCT) 10-1

113 Austin Brenner (SCT) Fall Trent Erickson (MHD) 4:58

120 Dallas Hooper (SCT) Dec. Ethan Tallakson (MHD) 4-3

126 Matt Solid (MHD) Fall Tucker Brouwer (SCT) 2:46

132 Taylor Laidlaw (MHD) Fall Will Kranz (SCT) 1:30

138 Kenny Mark (MHD) Fall Henry Nistler (SCT) 3:47

145 Jacob Johnson (SCT) Dec. Wyatt Hanson (MHD) 1-0

152 Cole Schreder (SCT) Maj. Dec. R. J. Olson (MHD) 10-0

160 Joseph Grove (MHD) Dec. Alex VanHeel (SCT) 5-0

170 Samuel Grove (MHD) Tech. Fall Tyler Hugg (SCT) 4:27

182 Ben Lien (MHD) Fall Simon Riedeman-Lenarz (SCT) :32

195 Ryan Schock (MHD) Won by Forfeit

220 Noah Voigt (SCT) Won by Dec. Brody Jerome (MHD) 9-2

285 Brendan Edner (MHD) Won by Forfeit


Bemidji 48 St. Cloud Tech 13

106 Graham Nistler (SCT) Maj. Dec. Jon Solum (BEM) 9-1

113 Brian Maas (BEM) Dec. Austin Brenner (SCT) 8-3

120 Indi Farris (BEM) Maj. Dec. Dallas Hooper (SCT) 13-4

126 Tyler O'Beirne (BEM) Dec. Tucker Brouwer (SCT) 9-5

132 Dylan Sauceda (BEM) Tech. Fall Will Kranz (SCT) 4:00

138 Robert Treuer (BEM) Fall Henry Nistler (SCT) 5:22

145 Jacob Johnson (SCT) Dec. Lucas Gast (BEM) 1-0

152 Gannon Strain (BEM) Fall Cole Schreder (SCT) 3:37

160 Hunter Schoenborn (BEM) Dec. Alex VanHeel (SCT) 6-4

170 Tyler Hugg (SCT) Dec. Nick Peterson (BEM) 7-4

182 Kade Johnson (BEM) Fall Simon Riedeman-Lenarz (SCT) :29

195 Brody Wilander (BEM) Won by Forfeit

220 Noah Voigt (SCT) Dec. Wyatt Yoemans (BEM) 9-2

285 Gabe Flaherty (BEM) Fall Derek Kiffmeyer (SCT) :45





The Storm dropped duals to Central Lakes Conference rivals Willmar 57-14, Brainerd 63-18 and Fergus Falls 36-25. They did drop a close dual to No. 11AA ranked Milaca 57-21,  Big Lake 41-31 and AA Thief River Falls 42-31, Section 8AAA rival Little Falls 60-18.


Big Lake 41 Sauk Rapids 31

106 Logan Donais (BL) Dec. Hunter Rajkowski (SR) 7-5

113 Tony Bemboom (SR) Dec. Heath Foster (BL) 4-0

120 Taylor Rau (SR) Maj. Dec. Caleb Juhl (BL) 11-2

126 Korey Keske (SR) Fall Patrick Liebel (BL)  4:39

132 Derek Helgoe (BL) Dec. David Nelson (SR) 8-6

138 Drew Kern (BL) Fall Brent Lindgren (SR) 1:58

145 Parker Millam (BL) Won by Forfeit

152 Dylan Pothen (BL) Tech. Fall Andrew Tran (SR) No Time Given

160 Josiah Brown (BL) Won by Forfeit

170 Alex Nesser (BL) Won by Forfeit

182 Double Forfeit

195 Blake Keske (SR) Fall Tanner Snare (BL) 2:34

220 Dylan Vait (SR) Fall Dillon O'Leary (BL) 2:53

285 Adam Gessel (SR) Fall Garrett Moran (BL) 1:37



Fergus Falls "Pudge Anderson Memorial" Tournament


Fergus Falls 36 Sauk Rapids-Rice 25

106: Brady Vait (SRR) Dec. Seth Langbehn (FF)  4-0

113: Tony Bemboom (SRR) Won by Forfeit

120: Taylor Rau (SRR) Dec. Spencer Sikkink (FF) 3-0

126: Korey Keske (SRR) Dec. Ben Schindler (FF) 5-3

132: David Nelson (SRR) Maj. Dec. Nathan Onstad (FF) 15-3

138: Sam Neubaurer (FF) Fall Brent Lindgren (SRR) 1:37

145: Joe Wedll (FF) Dec. Andrew Tran (SRR) 5-2

152: Jake Antrim (FF) Won by  Forfeit

160: Dane Ringquist (FF) Won by Forfeit

170: Double Forfeit

182: Gus Makovsky (FF) Won by Forfeit

195: Abram Aho (FF) Dec. Blake Keske (SRR)  6-4

220: Dylan Vait (SRR) Fall Nick Weaver (FF) 2:45

285: Taylor Tenner (FF) Fall Adam Gessell (SRR) 3:52


Thief River Falls 42 Sauk Rapids-Rice 31

106: Bryce Vait (TRF) Fall Cade Lundeen (SRR) 3:33

113: Tony Bemboom (SRR) Fall Brennan Peralta (TRF) 2:38

120: Josh Bernier (TRF) Dec. Taylor Rau (SRR) 4-2

126: Stephen Holecek (TRF) Dec. Korey Keske (SRR) 9-6

132: Noah Bernier (TRF) Fall David Nelson (SRR) 1:57

138: Kyle Fowler (TRF) Fall Brent Lindgren (SRR) 1:30

145: Austin Hjelle (TRF) Won by Forfeit

152: Andrew Tran (SRR) Won by Forfeit

160: Jacob Brinkman (TRF) Won by Forfeit

170: Connor Swanson (TRF) Won by Forfeit

182: Double Forfeit

195: Blake Keske (SRR) Fall Jake Bohl (TRF) 1:28

220: Dillon Vait (SRR) Dec. Tyshaun Brown (TRF) 9-6

285: Chris Kucera (TRF) Fall Adam Gessell (SRR) 2:29




Willmar 57 Sauk Rapids 14

106 Clay Carlson (WIL) Dec. Hunter Rajkowski (SR) 3-2

113 Tony Bemboom (SR) Dec. Juan Resendez (WIL) 6-4

120 Taylor Rau (SR) Tech. Fall Jonathan Linden (WIL) 5:40

126 Austin Miley (WIL) Dec. Korey Keske (SR) 6-1

132 Zach Lueders (WIL) Dec. David Nelson (SR) 12-6

138 Levi Milhausen (WIL) Fall Brent Lindgren (SR) :28

145 Estevan Navarro (WIL) Fall Blake Rychner (SR) 3:53

152 Travis Deegan (WIL) Won by Forfeit

160 Colton Carlson (WIL) Won by Forfeit

170 Vaughn Johnson (WIL) Won by forfeit

182 Kory Welgraven (WIL) Won by Forfeit

195 Jalen Cabrera (WIL) Won by Forfe5t

220 Dylan Vait (SR) Fall Matt Hennes (WIL) 5:20

285 Leon Richards (WIL) Fall Adam Gesell (SR) 4:21


Little Falls 60 Sauk Rapids 18

106 Hunter Rajkowski (SR) Dec. Leo Wilczek (LF) 8-5

113 Tony Bemboom (SR) Fall Lane Rutten (LF) 3:58

120 Taylor Rau (SR) Default Logan Kapphahn (LF)

126 Korey Keske (SR) Dec. Josh Beack (LF) 9-6

132 A. J. Jenks (LF) Fall David Nelson (SR0 :42

138 Wyatt Lillemoe (LF) Fall Brent Lindgren (SR) :33

145 Blake Rychner (SR) Won by Forfeit

152 Noah Eliason (LF) Won by Forfeit

160 Mike Jarvis (LF) Won by Forfeit

170 Trevin Larson (LF) Won by Forfeit

182 Tyler Gastecki (LF) Won by Forfeit

195 Gage Blechinger (LF) Won by Forfeit

220 Trysten Ross (LF) Fall Dylan Vait (SR) :58

285 Tom Tabatt (LF) Fall Adam Gessell (SR) 1:45



Brainerd 63 Sauk Rapids 18

106 Cole Kubesch (BRD) Dec. Hunter Rajkowski (SRR) 3-1

113 Tony Bemboom (SRR) Fall Drew Robinson (BRD) 3:53

120 Andy Schlosser (BRD) Fall Logan Siemers (SRR) 1:59

126 Korey Keske (SRR) Fall Drew Breun (BRD) 2:42

132 Brent Lindgren (SRR) Fall Doug Fillbrant (BRD) 2:42

138 Jake Zelinske (BRD) Fall Blake Rychner (SRR) 4:27

145 Tate Arntson (BRD) Won by Forfeit

152 Isaiah Stewart (BRD) Won by Forfeit

160 Dillon Solid (BRD) Won by Forfeit

170 Cole DeRosier (BRD) Won by Forfeit

182 Chris Laber (BRD) Won by Forfeit

195 Blake Keske (SRR) Fall Dylan Crandall (BRD) :39

220 Sam Adams (BRD) Fall Dylan Vait (SRR) 2:47

285 James Weiss (BRD) Fall Michael Lieser (SRR) 3:10



Milaca 57 Sauk Rapids 21

106 Jon Hall (MIL) Fall Hunter Rajkowski (SRR) 1:27

113 Tony Bemboom (SRR) Won by Forfeit

120 Logan Siemers (SRR) Fall Logan Majerus (MIL) 3:37

126 Korey Keske (SRR) Won by Forfeit

132 Kyle Starr (MIL) Won by Forfeit

138 Dru Kuehenbaker (MIL) Fall Blake Rychner (SRR) 3:33

145 Double Forfeit

152 Jack Barsody (MIL) Won by Forfeit

160 Aaron Moscho (MIL) Won by Forfeit

170 Josh Otten (MIL) Won by Forfeit

182 Austin Weidner (MIL) Won by Forfeit

195 Blake Keske (SRR) Dec. Zach Peterson (MIL) 9-4

220 Colton Sailor (MIL) Dec. Dylan Vait (SRR) 8-4

285 Brandon Merten (MIL) Fall Adam Gessell (SRR) :55






The Eagles dropped a pair of Central Lakes Conference duals to Alexandria 62-15 and Rocori 54-16. They had four place winners at the Alexandria "Big Ole" Invitational; Bryce Kirchner won the championship at 285, Peter Nelson and Martin Hanson both earned third place and Nick Graham earned fourth place. The Eagles had a very good tournament performance with 129 points and nine place winners to earn third place at the Albany "Purple Pride" Invitational.


Albany Place Winners:

Bryce Kirchner            First Place       285

Alex Pachan                First Place       106

Nick Graham               First Place       182

Peter Nelson               Second Place  126

Kevin Cao                    Fourth Place   220

Aiden Schiltz               Fourth Place   120

Martin Hanson             Fourth Place   195

Ryan Sok                     Fifth Place      113

Brett Kirchner             Fifth Place      132

Roba Ibro                    Sixth Place     145







Alexandria 62  St. Cloud Apollo 15

106 Ben Bogart (ALEX) Won by Forfeit

113 Adam Johnson (ALEX Fall Jerado Rivera (SCA) :30

120 Dylan Kriese (ALEX) Fall Aiden Schiltz (SCA) 5:27

126 Peter Nelson (SCA) Fall Tyrg Burgau (ALEX) 5:29

132 Trent Piepenburg (ALEX) Fall Chris Hance (SCA) 1:13

138 Blake Olhausen (ALEX) Fall Brandon Karolus (SCA) 1:29

145 Jacob Schiltgen (ALEX) Maj. Dec. Christian Pierce (SCA) 12-0

152 Dustin Neu (ALEX) Fall Roba Ibro (SCA) 2:28

160 Jake Nienaber (ALEX) Won by Forfeit

170 Quintin Kluver-Longfellow (ALEX) Won by Forfeit

182 Mike Schluter (ALEX) Maj. Dec.Nick Graham (SCA) 15-1

195 Martin Hanson (SCA) Dec. Shawn Nelson (ALEX) 7-1

220 Justin Cumberbatch (ALEX) Fall Kevin Cao (SCA) 1:11

285 Bryce Kirchner (SCA) Fall Dan Oberg (ALEX) 2:47

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