MSC Where Is The Home Field Advantage?

Oct 1, 2013 at 1:33 pm

MSC Where Is The Home Field Advantage?

ST. CLOUD, Minn. (KNSI) - Home field advantage is something that you hear in almost every sports broadcast, but for some football teams in the area, this is only a thoery.

Let me be perfectly clear, Husky Stadium and Clemens Stadium are top of the line college football stadiums. No doubt about that, and many teams would kill to play in venues as beautiful as those. But there is something to be said for that missing feel of a high school game. The smell of fresh cut grass, the grill being run by someone's Dad while his wife works the 1st and 2nd quarters of the concession stand. That feeling of family, not concrete and business. 

The first time I walked into Clark Field, I was stunned. If I could have desinged a High School stadium, this was it. The stands nearly on top of the field, people sitting on roof tops when the stands fiilled up, even the old windows on the press box just made it feel right. It was as old school as it got. It didn't take much imagination to see players like Dick Butkus on the field and Bud Grant walking the sidelines. This was a football stadium in it's purest form.

While it may seem like a step up for St. Cloud Tech and the Cathedral Crusaders to play on a "bigger stage", I just wish that they had a chance to play on a homefield in which they could call their own. Tough to get a "homefield" advantage when your logo isn't at the 50 yard line.

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