MSC Wrestling Report 12/9 to 14

Dec 17, 2013 at 12:41 pm

MSC Wrestling Report 12/9 to 14

The Sabers of Sartell dropped a Central Lakes Conference dual to No. 9AAA ranked Alexandria Cardinals. The Sabers are competing with out two of their outstanding wrestlers at this point. They earned 200 points and had twelve place winners to take second place at the Big Lake "Hornets" Invitational. This was any awesome performance; considering they were without possibly their top two wrestlers.
Willmar 46 Sartell-Saint Stephen 18
106: Rylee Molitor (SAR) Dec. Clay Carlson (WIL) 8-3
113: Israel Navarro (WIL) Won by Forfeit
120: Jake Fernholz (SAR) Fall Jacob Bollig (WIL) 1:23
126: Sam Krauel (SAR) Dec. Juan Resendez (WIL) 3-2
132: Logan Walkow (WIL) Fall Noah Peichel (SAR) 3:44
138: Austin Miley (WIL) Maj. Dec. Conner Dols (SAR) 9-1
145: Estevan Navarro (WIL) Dec. Jon Pelach (SAR) 8-6
152: Travis Deegan (WIL) Dec. Zach Motschke (SAR) 5-3
160: Colten Carlson (WIL) Fall Hodari Johnson (SAR) 5:50
170: Abe Anderson (SAR) Dec. Kory Welgraven (WIL) 3-2
182: Jordan Haukos (SAR) Dec. Darius O’Neil (WIL) 8-6
195: Vaughn Johnson (WIL) Fall Creedence McDermond (SAR) :51
220: Jalen Cabrera (WIL) Fall Danny Nguyen (SAR) 5:22
285: Leon Richards (WIL) Fall Ryan Zayas (SAR) 3:01

(Place Winners)
Rylee Molitor    1st  106
Noah Piechel    1st   132
Zach Motschke 2nd   152
Jake Fernholz   2nd 120
Connor Dols   2nd 138
Creedance McDermond 2nd 195
Hodari Johnson 3rd    160
Jon Pelach     3rd  145
Danny Ngyuen    4th  220
Abe Anderson     5th    170
Jordan Houkos   5th    182


The Spartans of Rocori had a huge week as they won five dual meets including some very big wins. They topped Class A Lean and Mean Paynesville possible for the first time ever. They also topped two Section 6AAA foes, with those wins they might have secured a top four seed in the their section dual meet tournament. Adam Kunz, Cody Buermann, Nick Warne and Seth Klein were all 3-0 at the Buffalo Quadrangular.


Rocori 48 Kimball 25
106 Zavier Grefe (ROC) Fall Michael Donnay (KIM) 1:49
113 Cole Steil (ROC) Fall Payton Schiefelbein (KIM) 2:33
120 Adam Kunz (ROC) Fall Preston Wills (KIM) 1:27
126 Blaine Tschida (KIM) Fall Gunnar Feldhege (ROC) 3:25
132 Payton Hanan (KIM) Dec. Cory McCarney (ROC) 5-1
138 Cody Buermann (ROC) Tech. Fall Jacob Borman (KIM) No Time Given
145 Nick Warn (ROC) Maj. Dec.Tanner Schreifels (KIM) 9-0
152 Markus Mehr (KIM) Maj. Dec. Justin Rose (ROC) 10-0
160 Ben Hoffman (ROC) Dec. Matt Donnay (KIM) 8-3
170 Skyler Schiefelbein (KIM) Fall Mitchell Schwinghammer (ROC) 2:16
182 Dalton Calfas (ROC) Fall Brandon Loch (KIM) 2:45
195 Seth Klein (ROC) Fall Ben Zipoy (KIM) 1:04
220 Austin Schiefelbein (KIM) Fall Ryan Vigil (ROC) 1:31
285 Tyler Hoffman (ROC) Fall Austin Hentges (KIM) :26
Rocori 35 Buffalo 33
106 Charlie DesMarais (BUF) Fall Zavier Grefe (ROC) 1:07
113 Josh Anderson (BUF) Dec. Cole Steil (ROC) 7-4
120 Adam Kunz (ROC) Fall Caleb Drews (BUF) 1:34
126 Gunnar Feldgege (ROC) Dec. Josh Skarin (BUF) 3-1
132 Wesley Sanderson (BUF) Fall Cory McCarney (ROC) 1:36
138 Cody Buermann (ROC) Tech. Fall Cole Scherber (BUF) 4:32
145 Nick Warn (ROC) Fall Corbin Ruby (BUF) 4:32
152 Ian Scherber (BUF) Fall Ben Hoffman (ROC) :54
160 Mitchell Schwinghammer (ROC) Dec. Jacob Scherber (BUF) 5-4
170 Matthew Ruhr (BUF) Dec. Dalton Calfas (ROC) 10-7
182 Hunter Durand (BUF) Won by Forfeit
195 Seth Klein (ROC) Fall Auston Anderson Alvarez (BUF) 1:56
220 Ryan Vigil (ROC) Won by Forfeit
285 Adam Treptau (BUF) Dec. Tyler Hoffman (ROC) 3-1
Rocori 51 Minnetonka 19
106 Logan Renninger (MIN) Dec. Zavier Grefe (ROC) 9-7 OT
113 Cole Steil (ROC) Fall Matt Sramek (MIN) :50
120 Adam Kunz (ROC) Fall Jake McGann (MIN) 3:38
126 Gunnar Feldhege (ROC) Dec. James Markes (MIN) 9-7
132 Harrison Scane (MIN) Maj. Dec. Cory McCarney (ROC) 15-5
138 Cody Buermann (ROC) Fall James Agan (MIN) 3:32
145 Nick Warn (ROC) Dec. Grey Liedtke (MIN) 10-5
152 Ethan Klein (MIN) Fall Justin Rose (ROC) :53
160 Ben Hoffman (ROC) Fall Kevin Klass (MIN) 3:25
170 Avery Garski (MIN) Fall Mitchell Schwinghammer (ROC) 1:10
182 Dalton Calfas (ROC) Won by Forfeit
195 Seth Klein (ROC) Won by Forfeit
220 Ryan Vigil (ROC) Dec. Keyshan Johnson (MIN) 9-3
285 Tyler Hoffamn (ROC) Fall Aaron Moore (MIN) 3:35



The Tigers had just one event this week; they topped Central Lakes Conference rival Fergus Falls 39-36

Saint Cloud Tech 39 Fergus Falls 36
106: Graham Nistler (SCT) Fall Seth Langbehn (FF) 1:28
113: Alex Kern (SCT) Won by Forfeit
120 : Austin Brenner (STC) Won by Forfeit
126: Luke Dorn (SCT) Dec. Nathan Onstad (FF) 1-0
132: Ben Shindler (FF) Fall Will Kranz (SCT) 1:17
138: Spencer Sikkink (FF) Maj. Dec. Henry Nistler (SCT) 14-4
145: Joe Wedll (FF) Maj. Dec. Isaac Wade (SCT) 10-2
152: Jacob Johnson (SCT) Fall Joe McKeever (FF) 1:26
160 : Cole Schreder (SCT) Fall Jake Antrim (FF) 1:40
170: Dane Ringquist (FF) Won by Forfeit
182: Gus Makovsky (FF) Won by Forfeit
195: Abram Aho (FF) Maj. Dec. Justin Kilanowski (SCT) 12-1
220: Micah Mangel (SCT) Fall Eric Tysdal (FF) 1:19
285: Taylor Tanner (FF) Fall James Prince (FF) 3:13


The Eagles earned 141 points and had eight place winners to take third place at the Big Lake "Hornets" Invitational.

Bryce Kirchner 1st 285
Martin Hanson  1st 195
Peter Nelson  2nd 126
Alex Pachan  2nd 106
Ryan Sok  3rd 113
Christina Pierce 3rd 138
Nick Graham  3rd 182
Aiden Schlitz  5th 120
Christian Pierce 5th 138


The Storm dropped a Central Lakes Conference dual to AAA Lean and Mean Alexandria 52-18. They also competed in the 16 team event at the Brainerd "Paul Bunyan" Invitational; where they earned 63 points with four place winners to claim 12th place.

Hunter Rajowski 4th 106
Kory Keske  4th  132
Tyler Rau  5th 120
Dylan Vait  5th 220

Alexandria 52 Sauk Rapids 18
106 Gage Zieske (ALEX) Dec. Hunter Rajkowski (SR) 5-3
113 Ben Johnson (ALEX) Dec. Zachary Spohn (SR) 7-2
120 Taylor Rau (SR) Fall Adam Johnson (ALEX)_ :32
126 Dylan Kriese (ALEX) Maj. Dec. Tony Bemboom (SR) 9-1
132 Trent Piepenburg (ALEX) Dec. Korey Keske (SR) 6-4
138 Blake Olhausen (ALEX) Fall David Nelson (SR) 3:29
145 Jacob Schiltgen (ALEX) Fall Brent Lindgren (SR) :54
152 Dustin Neu (ALEX) Won by Forfeit
160 Jake Nienaber (ALEX) Won by Forfeit
170 Quintin Kluver-Longfellow (ALEX) Fall Tanner Maier (SR) 3:40
182 Richard Carriveau (SR) Fall Jay Kohls (ALEX) 3:03
195 Justin Cumberbatch (ALEX) Fall Blake Keske (SR) 2:37
220 Shawn Nelson (ALEX) Dec. Dylan Vait (SR) 6-3
285 Adam Gesell (SR) Fall Dan Oberg (ALEX) 1:11

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