Section 8AAA Wresting Preview

Nov 29, 2012 at 8:30 am


Head Coach: Cody Olson
Enrollment: 992
Section 8AAA

The Sabres had a very good season and back from that team are seven section place winners; including two state qualifiers and four others with a great deal of varsity experience. Dan Vitale, Brady Goebel and Drew Bienusa should be their key leaders thru out the season. Despite the graduation of three seniors last spring; look for the Sabres to make improvement on those dual meet marks. They will have a couple of very talented junior varsity wrestlers make a big impact this season. Look for this young team to make a challenge for conference and possible section honors.

  • 8-9 Overall Duals
  • 5-3 Central Lakes Conference Duals
  • Ten Section Place Winners/Three State Qualifiers
  • First Place Spectrum Tourney: 212 Pts. (13 Placers)
  • Second Place Ogilvie "Lions" Tourney: 217 Pts. (13 Placers)
  • Second Place Melrose "Early Bird" Tourney: 188 Pts. (13 Placers)
  • Fourth Place Big Lake "Hornet" Tourney: 158 Pts. (12 Placers)
  • Fifth Place Paynesville "Bulldog" Tourney: 131 Pts. (12 Placers)
  • Ninth Place Redwood Valley "River Riot" Tourney: 101.5 Pts. (4 Placers)


Returning Wrestlers

Daniel Vitale                         10th                30-4                1st Section/AC

Brady Goebel                        12th                34-6                1st Section/AC

Drew Bienusa                         9th                24-9                4th Section

Jon Pelach                            10th                23-19              5th Section

Nick Jensen                          10th                19-17              5th Section

Garrett Counter                   10th                19-16              Injured

Zach Pederson                     12th                17-19

Jake Fernholz                         9th                15-19

Zach Motschke                    11th                13-26

Sam Krauel                           11th                  5-17              6th Section

Kyle Karolus                         12th                  4-13

Abe Anderson                       10th                  3-11

Jake Miner                            12th                  3-14              6th Section

Nick Lenneman                    12th                  1-2

Eric McAfee                           12th                  1-1

Quinn Anderson                   12th                  1-1


Josh Halicke                         23-5                2nd Section   (126-45 Career)

Jed Anderson                       19-21              3rd Section

Collin Wervey                          2-6


Head Coach: Tim Bengtson
Enrollment: 1,031
Section 8AAA

The Eagles had a very good season as they posted 14-8 dual meet marks and 7-1 in the Central Lakes Conference. Despite the graduation of several good seniors last spring including two state place winners. Look for this young team to challenge those dual meet numbers. Grant Nehring, Mitch Bengtson, Bryce Kirchner and Matt Braun should be the key leaders for the Eagles thru out the season. Overall they return seven section place winners and three others with a great deal of varsity experience. Look for the Eagles to be a force to be dealt with in both the conference and the section dual meet campaigns.

  • 14-8 Overall Dual Meets
  • 7-1 Central Lakes Conference Duals
  • Nine Section Place Winners/Five State Qualifiers
  • Final Four Section 8AAA
  • Second Place Big Lake "Hornets" Tourney: 169.5 Pts. (11 Placers)
  • Third Place STMA "Knights" Tourney: 142 Pts. (11 Placers)
  • Third Place Albany "Purple Pride" Tourney: 156 Pts. (12 Placers)
  • Third Place Foley "Tom Keating" Tourney: 136 Pts. (7 Placers)
  • Eight Place Shakopee "Sabre" Tourney: 83 Pts. (4 Placers)
  • Fourteenth Place Fargo "Rumble on the Red" 101 Pts. (3 Placers)

Returning Wrestlers

Mitch Bengtson                    12th                43-1                1st Sec./2nd State/AC

Grant Nehring                       12th                43-3                1st Sec./State Champ/AC

Bryce Kirchner                     11th                22-10              2nd Section/AC

Matt Braun                            12th                26-13              3rd Section

Peter Nelson                           8th                19-17              5th Section

Drew VanVleet                     10th                17-13              6th Section/Transfer Mora

Dylan Mehr                            11th                15-20              4th Section

Devon Johnson                    11th                  7-15

Jake Christen                       12th                  4-10

Nick Graham                         10th                  2-14

Ryan Stok                                9th                  3-5

Lucas Enneking                   11th                  1-2

Alex Pachan                            8th                  1-3


Nam Nguyen                         31-4                1st Sec./4th State/AC

Grant Dullinger                     36-7                1st Sec./3rd State/AC

Nick Stram                            17-8                Injured

Jerad Morford                         8-25              4th Section

Steve Tran                               3-13

Austin Rice                              3-4

Alex Braun                              0-4

Paul Greunnes                        0-1


Head Coach: Bob Boeck
Enrollment: 1,241
Section 8AAA

The Tigers posted a 14-12 dual meet mark; they will be making a challenge to improve on that record. They return five section place including one state place winner and five others with a great deal of varsity experience. Despite the gradation of four good senior including three section place winners; if the Tigers can stay healthy and improve over the course of the season they should make an improvement on those dual meet marks. Jarrad Neiland, Austin Klaverkamp, Noah Voigt and Cole Schreder should be their key leaders thru out the season.

  • 14-12 Overall Dual Meets
  • 3-5 Central Lakes Conference Duals
  • Eight Section Place Winners/Two State Qualifiers
  • Third Place Staples "Don Dravis" Duals: (2-1)
  • Sixth Place STMA "Knights" Tourney:  91.5 Pts. (9 Placers)
  • Sixth Place Mora "Mustang" Tourney: 90.5 Pts. (6 Placers)
  • 45th Place Fargo "Rumble on the Red" Tourney: 33 Pts. (1 Placer)

Returning Wrestlers

Jarrad Nieland                     12th                39-7                2nd Sec./3rd State/AC

Austin Klaverkamp              11th                15-6

Noah Voigt                            11th                18-12              5th Section

Cole Schreder                         9th                11-9                5th Section

Joey Reed                               9th                  8-24              6th Section

Henry Nehk                           10th                  6-0

Nate Lortz                             11th                  6-20              5th Section

Theo Wurst                            11th                  4-7

Jacob Johnson                    11th                  5-12

Linkcoln Brouwer                12th                  3-15

Patrick Niehaus                   12th                  1-1                 Injured


Bryant Amundson                37-8                2nd Section/AC         (74 Wins)

Tommy O'Brien                     23-10              3rd Sectioin              (121 Wins)

Brady Brouwer                     19-19              6th Section

Maurice Martin                     21-15

Jesse Johnson                       1-0


Head Coach: TBA
Enrollment: 1,078
Section 8AAA

The Storm will be looking to improve on those dual meet marks from last season. They will return seven section place winners and one other with a great deal of varsity experience. So despite the graduation of three section place winners including a state qualifier. The Storm should improve on those dual meet marks if they can stay healthy and some of their younger wrestlers continue to improve. Austin Walz, Chris Keske, Taylor Rau and Dalton Siemers should be their key leaders thru out the season.

  • 7-19 Overall Dual Meets
  • 1-7 Central Lakes Conference Duals
  • Ten Section Place Winners
  • Third Place Spectrum Tourney: 133 Pts. (8 Placers)
  • Fourth Place Litchfield "Dragons" Tourney: 130.5 Pts. (9 Placers)
  • Tenth Place Foley "Tom Keating" Tourney: 83 Pts. (6 Placers)

Returning Wrestlers

Austin Walz                           12th                26-13              4th Section

Chris Keske                          12th                24-11              4th Section

Taylor Rau                               9th                22-7                5th Section

Dalton Siemers                     12th                18-11              Injured

McKay Ness                          12th                23-18              4th Section

Chuck Rudy                           12th                  9-16              5th Section

Dylan Vait                              11th                  2-18              4th Section

Ryan Odelius                         12th                12-19              5th Section


Erik Olson                              30-9                2nd Section/AC

Sean Pearson                       19-12              6th Section

Nate Krepp                           15-22              4th Section

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